Where’s the Best Tropical Destination for Americans in 2019?

Everybody loves golden beaches and blue skies. Few things take your mind off the day-to-day than dipping your toes in the sand and staring off at the ocean (maybe with a good book and a cold drink). What about noisy crowds, delayed flights, layovers, or destinations with none of the amenities we’ve grown accustomed to? It’s hard for many of us to truly immerse ourselves in a fantasy without being dragged out by minor annoyances. The worst part of nearing, but never fully embracing, a tropical fantasy is that no matter how wonderful the vacation is, you feel a bit robbed. Honestly, as a tropical junkie, there’s no better destination than…


Yup! Sorry if that felt a little underwhelming, but Hawaii has been the most reliably relaxing, entertaining, comfortable, and thought-provoking tropical destination I’ve ever been to. To make things even better, Southwest (my favorite domestic airline) starts offering flights to Hawaii in 2019! So, what’s the big deal about all this, anyway?

Hawaii has a rich and unique culture. Between the Pacific Island, Japanese, and modern American influences, visiting different regions of the islands will grant visitors a variety of insights into the past, present, and future of Hawaiian society. While much of the developed area of the state is focused entirely on tourism, there is still a major part of underdeveloped (and undeveloped) land that is used for farming, rural communities, or untouched nature preservations.

In recent years there have been advancements towards integrating renewal energy state-wide (through solar panels and windmills), which many “old school” residents have spoken out against. Despite the benefits of renewable energy, the installation of modern technology arguable mars the pristine and natural landscape. If you decide to visit Hawaii, take a minute to look out for these windmills and consider the pros and cons of their presence and function.

Ultimately, I think what I love about Hawaii is that it leaves me with constant options.

I don’t have to decide what I’m doing days or weeks in advance: I can wake up and do what I want to do. Getting some high-quality coffee and browsing luxury boutiques is just as easy as snorkeling with sea turtles or zip-lining down a quarter-mile track. Honestly, when all’s said and done, I just love how easy it is to get there!

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