Jamaican Me Crazy About the Bahamas!

Sorry for the title, I am fully aware that Jamaica and the Bahamas are two very distinct nations (spoiler alert, that’s the focus of this post)! Amazingly, despite being in the heart of the famous Nassau, Bahamas, I discovered that a surprising number of tourists couldn’t really differentiate the Bahamas from Jamaica in terms of landscape, culture, or attractions. I hope this little post helps clear up any misconceptions you may have had about the two.

Tropical, Yes. Similar? No

Despite both having stereotypical beach-centric attractions, many would consider the Bahamas far less lush and tropical than Jamaica. The Bahamas, while being relatively tropical, aren’t nearly as lush as one would expect (in a similar vein as Fiji, in fact). Jamaica is incredibly rich in biodiversity and undeveloped landscapes. The port town Ocho Rios in Jamaica is a prime example of the intersection of nature and “civilization”. Surrounded by rainforests, rivers, and waterfalls, Ocho Rios is a short walk away from being totally immersed in nature (although I wouldn’t just recommend walking off randomly)!

As far as the Bahamas go, Nassau is a fantastic place to start. With world-class dining options and incredibly friendly locals, Nassau is a guaranteed good time. In terms of landscape, the Bahamas are primarily rocky (as opposed to Jamaica’s sand). At least you have a few hundred islands to choose from!

Does the Difference Matter?

Of course, and for two reasons. The first is arguably less important, but more relevant to real-world situations: you should know what you’re getting yourself into when planning a vacation! Even if it’s as subtle as the density and lushness of local rainforests, we tend to develop expectations once we have an image in our head. When I visited Fiji, I arrived expecting the biodiversity and dense flora of Hawaii or Costa Rica. After a couple days, I realized that most of Fiji is on the dry side and a little lackluster, to be honest. While it didn’t detract from the vacation, it undoubtedly distracted from the vacation, and that alone is reason to do a little research beforehand.

Most importantly, being unable to distinguish two geographically similar countries isn’t inherently an issue, but the issue arises when you choose not to learn about the differences. The Bahamas have cultivated and mastered a rich culinary tapestry centered around conch, their national food. While overfishing is always a concern, enjoying the local shellfish is an absolute must in such a food-centric culture (please, for the sake of the ecosystem, enjoy a reasonable amount of shellfish at a reputable establishment). The Bahamas celebrates Junkanoo, which is a fantastic street celebration filled with costumes and dancing, which reminded me of Brazil’s Carnival. Historically, both nations feature similar events, such as the unfortunate rise of sugar plantations. One important distinction is that the Bahamas’ economy is currently much stronger than Jamaica’s, thanks to strong tourism and offshore banking. Like many island nations, the best souvenirs are handcrafted toys, accessories, and sculptures. If you visit, keep an eye out for some famous conch shell jewelry!

While many of these details may be irrelevant to the average vacation, choosing not to learn about your destination is the opposite of thoughtful traveling. Stay informed, explore the world, and never stop wandering and pondering!

(Also, if you go to the Exumas, there are swimming pigs!)

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