Hi there! My name is Kassi, and I’m a thoughtful traveler. I love learning about other cultures and putting myself in their shoes. Food, clothing, architecture, design, and language are just a few things I deeply care about when exploring new parts of the world. At end of the day, I love sharing stories from my adventures and helping people optimize their vacation time.

I’m American, and most of my family has ties to Europe and South America. Growing up in an international family has helped me develop a passion for learning more about the world, other societies, and how we, as individuals, fit in. Why do we dress the way we do? How do words change across languages? What cultures influence your life?

I don’t just travel to learn more about cultures, though: I have a very organized and busy life at home, and I can only truly unwind and meditate when I’m away. From Fijian mud baths to the top of the Austrian Alps, I thoroughly escape the concerns and obligations I carry throughout the day. To me, thoughtful traveling is more than exploring and respecting culture: it’s the ability to learn more about yourself by embracing the unfamiliar and unknown. What’s the last vacation you went on when you came back feeling like a new person? What happened? I’d love to hear your stories, and I hope you’ll enjoy mine!

This blog is an ongoing collection of reviews, thoughts, and personal experiences from my travels. I’ve put together a page explaining what thoughtful traveling means to me, and hopefully it resonates with you. If you like my content, please share it with your friends! Wander and Ponder has a Facebook page for staying up to date and discussing new posts, and an email list for getting new content notifications. I’m personally active on all of my social media platforms, but only post to the email list when there’s a new content or giveaway.

Thanks for reading! Stay thoughtful, and always remember to wander and ponder.

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